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More wasted money – resurfaced road dug up within days

The Surrey Advertiser has uncovered yet more Tory incompetence and wasted council tax money. In May Surrey County Council resurfaced streets in Wood Street Village, just outside Guildford. No sooner had the workmen finished work than water company Veolia came along and dug up the new roads to do pipe work. The council have admitted [...]

Millions will have to be spent because of Tory incompetence

Tory run Surrey County Council is issuing instructions for some Surrey schools to build additional classrooms to their buildings – in Guildford Burpham Primary School has already submitted its plans and Boxgrove also plans to increase. The increases are because the birth rate in Surrey is rising, and the additional classrooms being added will cost [...]

Labour is with you – the Tories are out of touch

   Labour is with you Labour is changing so that we can make Britain fairer in tough times, We will take tough choices so that – even when there is less money around – we can build responsibility into our economy, stand up for the squeezed middle, and offer a decent chance to the next [...]

New road repair company not meeting contract

Surrey County Council fired the two companies who used to repair the roads. They appointed a new company, May Gurney. But as Labour has pointed out repeatedly, Surrey Tories keep picking companies who then have problems. History has repeated itself and the new company are also missing targets. A council report claimed that May Gurney’s [...]

Surrey roads – 40% need repairs

Freedom of Information requests by STAG have shown that 40% of the Surrey roads that the county council manage need to be repaired. Surrey Labour party has consistently campaigned for more repairs, and condemned the disastrous privatisation of road maintenance by the Tories at County Hall. Now the original contractors have been fired and at [...]

Surrey County Council got its sums wrong – and now we will pay the price

In the late 1990s Surrey County spent millions of pounds closing primary schools across the county and merging others. At the time they insisted that Surrey had too many school places and that the number of children in Surrey would keep falling. Now, the council have realised that they got their sums wrong. Having spent [...]