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Sign the petition to stop police privatisation

From Robert Evans, Labour’s candidate for Surrey’s Police Commissioner   The Government wants Surrey Police to sell contracts to the private sector to run vital crime services like crime investigation, forensics, answering 999 calls, providing custody and a wide range of other police activities. This privatisation is being pushed by the Government on ideological and [...]

Surrey Police – private sector involvement on hold

We have previously reported on proposals for private sector companies to take over some of the work done by police officers. We are pleased to say that the proposals are now on hold – but this could be just a temporary halt. The Police Authority has called a pause only to clarify their proposals – [...]

Toll roads coming to Surrey soon?

The day before David Cameron and Nick Clegg privatise and break up the NHS, they drop another bombshell that will cost us all more money and give their business friends huge profits at our expense. David Cameron has said that he wants private companies to improve busy motorways and trunk roads – but he is [...]

Lib Dems – privatising the NHS

Some Liberal Democrats have talked about privatising the NHS for years – they wrote about it in the famous Orange Book. Now Nick Clegg and almost all of his MPs keep voting with David Cameron, supporting the Tory plans to break up the NHS and privatise it. Now one Sunday newspaper has revealed that the [...]