• The Royal Surrey County Hospital is closing the Tilford ward that cares for the elderly plus 6 surgical beds. This will mean cancelled operations and longer waiting lists. The Tilford ward, used to care for elderly patients in 28 beds, will be closed completely, which will almost certainly mean other beds for surgical patients will be blocked.
  • Surrey Primary Care Trust funds all NHS spending in the county, from your GP to the hospitals. The Coalition has said the PCT needs to recover all its current deficits by March 2014. For Surrey PCT this will be £245m (its current deficit is £125m). This cut of £245m means a 10% cut in NHS spending.
  • Chertsey, Leatherhead, Ashtead, Walton, Molesey, Dorking community hospitals could all close. Surrey PCT is consulting on closing all the community hospitals in Surrey except Farnham, Woking, Haslemere and Caterham Dene.
  • Surrey is one of the few counties not to have its own renal unit. Under Labour there were plans to create a Surrey unit, but now this has been scrapped.
  • £11.78m cuts on adult social care – the council wants more costs to be paid by the NHS, but the NHS are also cutting budgets and this crude attempt to get someone else to pay will mean people don’t get the care they need while bureaucrats argue about who pays.

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