NHS patients thrown out of hospitals at night

The Times as uncovered a new NHS scandal. Thanks to Tory and Lib Dem cuts. Hundreds of thousands of patients are being thrown out of hospitals in the middle of the night because there aren’t enough NHS beds.

The Tories scrapped NHS targets, because they said they weren’t needed. Now we know what that means – waiting times are increasing and the government are not checking vital targets that would stop scandals like this. Add in Cameron and Clegg’s cuts and we have a potential disaster in the offing.

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  • Pepe  On May 14, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    The bill is not needed, and will do irrarepeble harm. It is too complicated to try to unpick. It should be stopped, and the NHS allowed to evolve, rather than imposing a top down reorganisation.Lansley has made all sorts of motherhood and apple pie statements about the bill which are not true; and then characterises those who oppose it as opposing these good things. But the bill is all about privatisation of the NHS. It will no more put GPs in charge of commissioning than PCTs, PCGs, fundholding, and all the other previous initiatives claimed to do this did. All the bill will do is shift blame for reduced resources from politicians to doctors. I am disgusted that the Lib Dem party failed to stop the bill when it had the chance, last year. Cameron had famously promised no top down reorganisation of the NHS ; it was not in the coalition agreement; and the lib-dems certainly hadn’t got anything like it in their manifesto. The tories, alone could never have got this bill through; it can only be done with lib-dem support, despite it being something that I am sure horrifies most lib-dems.We must unite not to amend the bill (it cannot be amended and made into a good bill); but to stop it.

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