More patients waiting too long in Surrey

Department of Health figures have shown that the number of patients waiting more than 18 weeks for NHS treatment in Surrey has increased by 68% in the 18 months since David Cameron became Prime Minister. The Tories said that scrapping NHS targets and cutting the NHS would not affect patient care but these figures show that David Cameron and Nick Clegg are making the NHS worse – even before they break it up and privatise it.

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  • Philippe  On May 14, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    I respect all pveoirus comments but kindly beg to differ. I agree there is much wrong with the new Bill but believe successfully blocking it will not mean what we have now is an improvement. In fact what we have now will only get worse as it’s unsustainable. Our NHS has only got this far through the hard work of colleagues and other healthcare workers in both primary and secondary care.If the status quo is not the answer nor is stopping this Bill… changing it for the better should be. We need to be clear what’s good and worth keeping in the new Bill that’ll fix the issues we have now and we need to be clear about what’s wrong with the new Bill so we can make it better. Current systems are slow, sluggish and dwell in paper work, politics and democracy. A government should not be responsible for the NHS. NHS workers and patients know better and we should be calling and lobbying for a delay in the Bill. I’m all for a popularist uprising but not at the price of responsibility. If someone can tell me of a more suitable alternative or a better solution I would be happy to support it but to just call a halt is not viable and does not address the core issue of a long-term treatment plan for our NHS. Doing nothing only serves to disable a buckling NHS as it just won’t cope with the workload.I have no vested interest apart from working in the NHS as a clinician and being a prescriber.

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