County’s Sure Start Centres and Early Intervention Schemes Under Threat

“Labour’s fears for the future of Sure Start Centres here in Surrey at the General Election were justified,” says Labour County Councillor Victor Agarwal.

The Stanwell County Councillor was commenting on a report that a £1bn scheme for nursery education for two year olds would be funded by a raid on money earmarked by Surrey County Council for Sure Start and other early intervention schemes.

“I understand that the money to run Sure Start is to be top sliced from money set aside not only for Sure Start  but other parent and toddler schemes,parenting projects, short breaks for disabled children and money designated for the Government’s troubled families programme,” County Councillor Agarwal continues. “This will leave a 20 percent shortfall in Surrey’s early intervention schemes.”

“I will be seeking clarification if it is the intention of Surrey to make up this shortfall or whether the controlling Conservative Group will betray the promise made at the last Election to continue both Sure Start and early intervention programmes,” he concludes.

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