Gove’s cuts undermine sport in Surrey and ruins Olympic legacy in county


Michael Gove a Surrey MP and Secretary of State for Education has seriously undermined access to sport by young people in his own County,” County Councillor Victor Agarwal told Party workers in Stanwell on Sunday.

By decimating the sports partnership programme which encouraged so many young people into competitive sport he has undermined physical education here. Surrey has lost £2.5million in a grant supporting a whole range of sporting activity. Gone are 6 partnership workers, 3 competitive managers, 9 FE sports coordinators, 50 secondary school sports coordinators, and 350 primary link teachers,” the Stanwell Councillor continued

Michael Gove belatedly replaced the sports partnership grant with £570,000 towards weaker schemes for releasing specialist PE teachers for additional training,” he points out. “He ignored pleas by one of Surrey’s leading sports specialist Richard Nixon to rethink his decision on cutting sports partnership. Mr Nixon points to the decline in participation in sports such as rugby, netball and hockey that has followed the Education Minister’s cut.”

It is sad to note the disappearance of 6 school partnerships in Waverley, Ash, Mid Surrey and Mole Valley. Further when he abolished the building programme of Schools for the future we lost an all-weather hockey pitch designed to play an important part in fostering the sport in the County.”

Councillor Agarwal went on to support Sir Keith Mills the Chief Executive of London’s bid for the Olympic Games in his complaint that far from encouraging one million young people into active participation in sport, figures show participation as flat lining.

I will be asking the executive member for education for Surrey how sport in Surrey has dealt with the loss of its sports partnerships. The fact is only 7 per cent of young people are privately educated and yet one third of our medal winners went to private schools. Despite Michael Gove the way forward lies in doing something about this inequality of opportunity, “ councillor Agarwal concludes.  


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