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Government allow massive rail fare increases

The government have just agreed to impose massive rail fare increases on Surrey commuters. A Guildford to London season ticket will go up £200, to nearly £3,300 a year. The increase is also £200 from Woking, to £2,952. The 6% rises are nearly double inflation. And over the next three years, fares will rise by [...]

Millions will have to be spent because of Tory incompetence

Tory run Surrey County Council is issuing instructions for some Surrey schools to build additional classrooms to their buildings – in Guildford Burpham Primary School has already submitted its plans and Boxgrove also plans to increase. The increases are because the birth rate in Surrey is rising, and the additional classrooms being added will cost [...]

Labour is with you – the Tories are out of touch

   Labour is with you Labour is changing so that we can make Britain fairer in tough times, We will take tough choices so that – even when there is less money around – we can build responsibility into our economy, stand up for the squeezed middle, and offer a decent chance to the next [...]

Toll roads coming to Surrey soon?

The day before David Cameron and Nick Clegg privatise and break up the NHS, they drop another bombshell that will cost us all more money and give their business friends huge profits at our expense. David Cameron has said that he wants private companies to improve busy motorways and trunk roads – but he is [...]

Surrey Squeezed by Conservative Welfare Cuts

Research by the Surrey Welfare Rights Unit presents a grim prospect for the New Year for thousands of people here who depend on them for a civilised life. Married couples without children who are in receipt of housing benefit and are between the age of 25 and 35 are to have their housing benefit reduced [...]

Council paid more than £680,000 to businesses onwed by former Tory council leader

From Surrey Advertiser Friday December 16th 2011 PUBLIC money paid to businesses owned by former Surrey County Council leader Dr Andrew Povey almost tripled during his two-year leadership, the Surrey Advertiser can reveal. By April this year more than £683,873 had been paid out to Dr Povey’s adult social care business, Help Unlimited, for services [...]

Only Labour is on your side

Worried about NHS closures? Blame the Tories and Lib Dems Worried about police stations closing and less officers on the beat? Blame the Tories and Lib Dems Worried about crime rising? Blame the Tories and Lib Dems. Worried about losing your job in the recession? Blame the Tories and Lib Dems. Worried about rising VAT, [...]