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Guildford has most expensive housing in the country – we need to build more homes

A survey of wages and house prices for all parts of the UK has shown that Guildford is the least affordable place to buy a home in the whole country. The survey showed the average home now costs 7 times the average salaries of couples in the town, meaning buying a new home is impossible [...]

NHS patients thrown out of hospitals at night

The Times as uncovered a new NHS scandal. Thanks to Tory and Lib Dem cuts. Hundreds of thousands of patients are being thrown out of hospitals in the middle of the night because there aren’t enough NHS beds. The Tories scrapped NHS targets, because they said they weren’t needed. Now we know what that means [...]

Library closures illegal

The High Court has ruled that the Tories running Surrey County Council cannot replace paid and trained librarians with volunteer staff. Surrey Library Action Movement’s Lee Godfrey said “The decision by the council has been ruled unlawful and I now believe that the judge will overturn the closure decision next month.” Read more here - [...]

Labour is with you – the Tories are out of touch

   Labour is with you Labour is changing so that we can make Britain fairer in tough times, We will take tough choices so that – even when there is less money around – we can build responsibility into our economy, stand up for the squeezed middle, and offer a decent chance to the next [...]

Lib Dems and Tories – voting together to destroy the NHS

So despite all the talk of the Lib Dems being a “progressive” party, their peers and Mps have walked through voting lobbies to break up and privatise the NHS. David Cameron said there would be no major shakeups of the NHS, and then privatised it. The Lib Dems said they opposed NHS cuts and would [...]

More patients waiting too long in Surrey

Department of Health figures have shown that the number of patients waiting more than 18 weeks for NHS treatment in Surrey has increased by 68% in the 18 months since David Cameron became Prime Minister. The Tories said that scrapping NHS targets and cutting the NHS would not affect patient care but these figures show [...]

More hospital beds closing at Royal Surrey

Nurses have condemned the closure of medical beds at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, because of government cuts. Half of the Hindhead ward, 16 beds, will go in April. A hospital spokesperson said, “The entire NHS has to find savings.” This closure adds to the beds lost when the Tilford ward for the elderly was [...]

New road repair company not meeting contract

Surrey County Council fired the two companies who used to repair the roads. They appointed a new company, May Gurney. But as Labour has pointed out repeatedly, Surrey Tories keep picking companies who then have problems. History has repeated itself and the new company are also missing targets. A council report claimed that May Gurney’s [...]