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Education cuts based on wrong figures

              Michael Gove can’t Count Michael Gove Secretary of State for Education and Surrey Heath MP is dangerously bad with numbers. Worse than this he has used his incomprehension to justify all his sweeping changes to education in this country. In order to justify the creation of academies and free [...]

County’s Sure Start Centres and Early Intervention Schemes Under Threat

“Labour’s fears for the future of Sure Start Centres here in Surrey at the General Election were justified,” says Labour County Councillor Victor Agarwal. The Stanwell County Councillor was commenting on a report that a £1bn scheme for nursery education for two year olds would be funded by a raid on money earmarked by Surrey [...]

Save the Children has to help children in UK for first time

The charity Save the Children has launched it’s first ever fund-raising campaign to be able to help children here in the UK. Poverty is increasing fast because of Tory and Lib Dem cuts, and Save the Children has warned that children are not getting regular hot meals, not having warm coats. The charity’s Chief Executive [...]

Guildford has most expensive housing in the country – we need to build more homes

A survey of wages and house prices for all parts of the UK has shown that Guildford is the least affordable place to buy a home in the whole country. The survey showed the average home now costs 7 times the average salaries of couples in the town, meaning buying a new home is impossible [...]

Government allow massive rail fare increases

The government have just agreed to impose massive rail fare increases on Surrey commuters. A Guildford to London season ticket will go up £200, to nearly £3,300 a year. The increase is also £200 from Woking, to £2,952. The 6% rises are nearly double inflation. And over the next three years, fares will rise by [...]

Gove’s cuts undermine sport in Surrey and ruins Olympic legacy in county

  “Michael Gove a Surrey MP and Secretary of State for Education has seriously undermined access to sport by young people in his own County,” County Councillor Victor Agarwal told Party workers in Stanwell on Sunday. “By decimating the sports partnership programme which encouraged so many young people into competitive sport he has undermined physical [...]

Cuts in Council Tax Benefit bring hardship for Poor in Surrey from April

  The prestigious Institute of Fiscal Studies say that cuts in council tax benefit are certain to affect the poorest families. Thousands of Surrey families on low incomes or receiving Job Seekers Allowance depend on this benefit to meet the cost of their council tax. 85% of the benefit goes to 5.9million mainly lower income [...]

Sign the petition to stop police privatisation

From Robert Evans, Labour’s candidate for Surrey’s Police Commissioner   The Government wants Surrey Police to sell contracts to the private sector to run vital crime services like crime investigation, forensics, answering 999 calls, providing custody and a wide range of other police activities. This privatisation is being pushed by the Government on ideological and [...]

Thousands of doctors could be sacked

  Cuts in NHS funding and the crisis caused by cuts made by Cameron and Clegg mean that some trusts are running out of money. In a drastic plan that has leaked, NHS bosses threaten to fire all staff and rehire them on new contracts with pay cuts, an end to overtime and staff made [...]

Pensioners lose half their pensions to fees – Labour will act

  A report has revealed that millions of savers are losing up to half the value of their pensions, thanks to hidden fees. Nine in ten of the biggest pension fund managers don’t warn about fees at all. Fees take up to 40% of the total value for typical pensions.   Ed Miliband has said [...]